JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The Duval County Extension Office will be setting more than 100 traps in an effort to stop Formosan termites.

The demolition of the Women's Club in Riverside due to the termite species is the big reason why the Duval County Extension Office will be placing the traps.

"It could be a big problem, but that's why we're doing this test to see how big it is and what we need to do to combat the problem," said Jim Love, City Council Member for the Riverside area.

Fifty-eight of the traps will be placed inside every Jacksonville fire station. Love said fire stations were chosen in part because they are scattered throughout the county and would help get a better picture of how big the problem is.

"We want to find out where it's happening, how they're swarming, how many there are, where they're moving toward."

The traps will be placed in 35 areas in Riverside and will be checked on a weekly basis.

"This is the swarming season, May and June. We have to do it now or these traps wont work."

John Lewis, a manager at Brandon Pest Control, said Formosan termites are so difficult to stop because they can live in a wall without going underground, meaning traditional underground methods of fighting termites wont worrk..

To fight back, Lewis recommends having your home inspected by a licensed pest control company every year.

"They can eat 14 linear feet of wood in a year, so going untreated will eventually cause major structural damage," said Lewis.

The termite traps will be put together on Saturday and installed sometime next week.