JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - It's the last day of school in Duval -- and there is a solution to fund summer camps.

Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry said the city council has come up with a way to fund summer camps for kids this year, but he said at a press conference Friday that the measures in place are a "Band-Aid solution."

The summer camps will cost $958,000, Mayor Curry explained. The mayor said he will propose reforms to the programs in the weeks ahead.

Mayor Curry added any solution is on the table including merging groups. For the camps cut this year, the City said it looked at the map to make sure kids have options nearby.

Councilman Reggie Brown said, "We're going to need everybody's participation," mentioning parents involvement in kids going to summer camps.

As for differences between previous year's camps and this year, Councilman Brown explained.

"There will be a focus on a few areas dealing with social skills, more academics as well as what you mentioned, field trips, not just fun field trips," Brown said.

Brown added when it comes to youth and crime, the summer camps can keep kids occupied but there needs to be a holistic approach to kids in Jacksonville.