JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A man was shot while retrieving items from his vehicle late Monday night, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office reports.

According to police, the man told police two suspects started to harass while he was at his vehicle near the 8600 block of Ribbon Falls Ln.

A police report states the victim was standing outside his driver side door while grabbing his belongings from the driver seat. Police say the man felt someone push him back into the driver seat. The victim said two men, both wearing black shirts, and black shorts proceeded to try and take his pants off.

The victim said the two men started to throw his belongings on the ground outside of his vehicle and tried to take his cell phone out of his hands but wasn't able to. Police say the victim did not recall the suspects making any demands for his property.

As the suspects were leaving, the man told his girlfriend call 911 via Facetime and that's when the suspect shot the man in the shoulder, police report.

Police are still searching for suspects and anyone with information on this crime should contact JSO.