A woman was carjacked at the Outlet Mall in St. Augustine and the suspect and her car were found later in Nassau County with an unresponsive woman in the backseat.

The victim said she was sitting in her car, smoking a cigarette, with the window down, when she was approached by the suspect, Stephen Theberge, 32, who said he didn't want anything but her car. She said Theberge didn't seem to be armed but she was afraid for her life.

An unknown woman exited the car that Theberge had approached the victim in and she got into the passenger seat of the now-stolen car. The victim said the unknown woman apologized and told her to call 911.

The victim's purse and wallet were still in the car when it was stolen.

As deputies investigated they found that this man attempted to carjack another woman at the Outlet Mall who ran into a business to escape him.

According to two DEA agents that the deputy interviewed, they initially saw Theberge's car in the Outlet Mall parking lot and approached it because there was a woman in the back yelling, "Baker Act, Baker Act, Baker Act!" One of the agents said that when they produced their badge the car sped off. The other agent followed the car and saw them carjack the victim, according to the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office.

Theberge was found in Nassau County running toward Booth Street in nothing by his underwear.

He had attempted to commit a third carjacking in Nassau County. He pulled a woman from her car and she was able to fight to gain control of her car again.

He then entered an unoccupied vehicle and stole a flashlight which he used to break the glass of a home on Booth Street. He did not make it into the residence and Nassau County deputies arrested him. The Nassau County Sheriff's Office report states that he was under the influence of unknown narcotics and was exhibiting signs of 'excited delirium.'

When deputies found the car Theberge had stolen, there was a woman who was found unresponsive in the backseat. It is unclear at this time what her involvement was if she had any at all.