JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office announced the arrest of Devin Bartley, 21, from a September 2016 murder case.

On September 4, 2016, police were called out to 4th Street in response to shots fired and car that had crashed into the lawn of a home. When they arrived on scene they found the driver, Anthony Whitley, 37, dead and the passenger side of the car opened. The blood trail leading from the car suggested there was an injured passenger that had taken off.

Later, Marcus Glover, 20, showed up to a local hospital with a gunshot wound and police followed up with him. Police said the actual shooting occurred in the 1700 block of Dot Street and Whitley and Glover were able to drive a couple of blocks away before Whitley succumbed to his injuries.

Glover told police that they were going to meet another person to sell him guns. During the exchange, a masked gunman came up and attempted to rob Glover and Whitley. The three exchanged gunfire before Whitley and Glover drove off.

Police later made contact with Devin Bartley, 21, who had gone to the hospital for a gunshot wound to his hand. Bartley told police that he was several blocks away from the shooting, heard gunshots, and noticed a gunshot wound on his hand.

However, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement was able to make a positive DNA match on a projectile found on scene, matching Bartley's DNA.

Bartley was arrested and charged with murder.

Police said Bartley and the man buying guns are associates, however they have not been able to ascertain whether or not the man buying the guns set up the robbery.