It's a business idea that all started with a chair that looked a little different than most. GloDea designs and manufactures some distinctive furniture in Jacksonville that you can't find anywhere else.

It all started in a small garage. Ignacio Santos was the man in that garage designing and putting furniture together. GloDea all started with him nearly a decade ago. At that time, 10 pieces were sold. Now, 4,000 units are produced annually in a shop in North Riverside.

The wood from Alabama is cut, sanded, drilled and stained to create the unique pieces of furniture. The company has now expanded internationally. Their chairs and benches are not just sold at the shop, you can find them on popular websites such as Amazon.

"They bought it from us, so it's a very good relationship. It's very rare to have it happen," said Dan Miller, President of GloDea.

GloDea stands for global Ideas. Their reach spreads around the world.

"We're into Europe, we're into South Africa, we're into a lot of countries that people wouldn't normally think about that we have the connections to do things," Miller explained.

Miller said Jacksonville was the perfect fit for GloDea, even after researching places up and down the East Coast.

"The location is excellent cause you can import from overseas. You can ship the other way to Europe, to South America, to North America, to West Coast..whatever is centrally located from that perspective," Miller said.

Now, the company is branching out and not focusing only on furniture.

"We're into everything from LED lightening to technology to electronics," Miller told First Coast News.

GloDea works almost exclusively with local suppliers to support the Jacksonville community. You can find pictures of more of their unique pieces on their website,