JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The debate on whether or not to answer the phone has plagued Olivia Carr since last fall.

"At this point, I don't answer my phone anymore," Carr said. "If it's not a number I know, I don't answer it."

She started getting random calls, sometimes as many as five a day, from people looking for the Duval County Courthouse.

It turns out, her personal cell phone number has been hijacked by the courthouse's popular Facebook page.

"I called the courthouse to see if they could change the Facebook page because I was getting all these calls and they said they didn't have a Facebook page," Carr said.

But leave no doubt, her number is posted to a page that's at least supposed to be for the courthouse.

There's even a button to "call" right from Facebook. If you do, you'll ring Olivia.

"I've had people explain their cases. I had a mother call and explain her case," she said.

She doesn't really want the details or the calls. She's also concerned people who need help from the courthouse aren't getting it.

So she reached out to the Facebook page. She was told the Courthouse page was automatically generated because so many people search for the page.

"There's a feature to report, so I clicked that to report a change in contact info and nothing happened," she said.

Desperate, she sent a direct message to Facebook's Mark Zuckerburg which didn't produce any better result.

First Coast News reached out to Facebook Tuesday afternoon.

A representative from the network says they're looking into the problem and whether it can be corrected.

"My report still says pending and it's just a terrible situation," Carr said.