After Hurricane Matthew, the Jacksonville Beach Pier has been closed to the public due to damages sustained during the storm.

On Wednesday, city leaders held a press conference to talk about the beach restoration project and touched on the future of the pier 9 months after Hurricane Matthew.

Due to safety issues, city officials have asked people to stay 300 feet away from the pier while crews continue to work on it. So what's the time frame? Jacksonville City Councilman Bill Gulliford told First Coast News he can't say exactly for sure -- but says they'll have a better idea in a couple of months based on the assessment from the firm.

"We are working with Desin right now but we want to make sure taxpayers are paying for something that's their not responsibility when it comes to construction of the pier and who's responsible," Gulliford said.

This means the Jacksonville Pier will likely not be open for the summer season, but the city hopes part of the pier will be opened by the end of this year.