JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The arrest warrant for the second Blind Rabbit employee murder suspect shows police used cell phone information in making the arrest.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office arrested 22-year-old Devonte Lafelton Hanford on Saturday for the 2015 murder of Daniel Rowe.

Erron Coleman, pleaded guilty to robbery and second-degree murder during a hearing last Thursday. As part of his plea agreement, Coleman gave authorities Hanford's name as the person with him during the robbery.

Rowe was taking out the trash behind the Blind Rabbit in Riverside when someone came up, stole his wallet, and shot him twice in the head before fleeing. Police said that there were two people involved in the murder, though only Coleman has been connected to it at this time.

During Hanford’s interview with police, the arrest affidavit says he denied being near the Riverside restaurant in the past several years.

JSO used a search warrant to get Hanford’s cell phone information and found Hanford called Erron Coleman several times immediately after Rowe’s murder, the affidavit says.

The search warrant also revealed Hanford’s phone was active in the Riverside area around the time of the murder.

Additionally, the affidavit details that police interviewed a witness who says she dropped off Coleman and Hanford at a gas station near the scene of the crime.

Coleman described further details of the July 2015 crimes by explaining he and the other man agreed Coleman would threaten the restaurant employee with a weapon and the other man would get the money. Coleman said they did not plan to kill anyone. Coleman said during the robbery, Rowe complied with everything that he and his cohort asked. Rowe turned over his wallet, money, and laid flat on the ground.

Coleman was arrested on July 25, 2016, nearly one year after Rowe's death. Hanford's arrest comes over two years later. Hanford was denied bond last week and is scheduled for arraignment on Aug. 22.

Coleman has a sentencing hearing scheduled for Sep. 24.

The State said that it recommended Coleman be sentenced to life in prison.

Read the Arrest Affidavit below: