JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- First Coast News has covered Officer Tim James' involvement in several incidents over the past few months.

Officer "Timothy James" has been with the JSO since 2014, and in that time we've seen his name pop up time and again for a variety of incidents.

Let's start in April, when James allegedly spit on a man outside UF Health. A police report from that incident lists "Officer T. James" as the victim in that incident because the suspect allegedly spit on James and took a swing at him. Charges against that suspect have since been dropped.

Fast forward to May, an officer hit and killed a man crossing the street on University Boulevard near Philips Highway. This video shows it involved a cop car, the police report from the incident confirms the only car involved was owned by the city of Jacksonville. And the listed driver? One "T. L. James." The squad car numbers even match -- Vehicle 183.

But when we asked JSO to confirm both officers were the same guy, Public Information Officer Melissa Bujeda refused to answer, she told us it's against the law to name any officer under investigation.

This weekend, JSO confirmed they did arrest Officer Timothy James, but they still have not confirmed the same officer's been involved in all these cases. Here's what under sheriff Pat Ivey told us when we asked-- again on Saturday.

"Florida state statute 112 is very specific and that is the statute that covers the Police Officer's Bill of Rights. It says that we cannot identify an officer under investigation. Okay? I'm here telling you I've arrested Officer James for this. I will say this: I am aware of an incident that happened at University Hospital. And we are investigating."

On Your Side's Anne Schindler's been investigating, to find out what it takes to get flagged as a troublemaker by the department.


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