A lot of women invest in products to prevent stretch marks like coco butter and bio-oil, but do they work?

Our source is Dr. Tarek Fakhouri, a dermatologist with Southeast Dermatology.

“There are no studies that have proven they prevent stretch marks; however, they do hydrate the skin well so it may make your skin feel better and it's not going to hurt. It’s something that’s easy to do and worth trying, but is it a miracle or silver bullet? It's not.”

Next up, are there any vitamins that can help?

“There are some vitamins that do help strengthen the collagen,” explains Fakhouri, “vitamin C is the most notable one. So, it's important to stay at a healthy level of vitamin C.”

Finally, does scratching make stretchmarks worse?

“Probably not, unless you're really aggressive. Some people scratch enough to break the skin, in that case, it would be a problem.”

Fakhouri says that mostly stretch marks are genetic but one of the best things a woman can do is make sure she’s gaining the correct amount of weight gradually. That way your skin has time to grow with the baby.


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