After receiving a few inquiries about whether or not beach fires were legal locally, First Coast News did some digging.

It turns out that beach fires are allowed with the purchase of a $25 permit in Atlantic Beach. Those permits are available from November through February.

Beachgoers are forbidden from sparking beach fires during the sea turtle nesting season, according to Atlantic Beach's website.

In Jacksonville Beach, Fire Chief Steve Sciotto said beach fires aren't allowed year-round.

Cooking fires in approved gas or charcoal cookers are allowed provided that coals and other cooking material, when finished, are disposed of in approved containers (editor's note: don't dump your charcoal on the beach when you're done cooking your burgers and/or hotdogs).

A Neptune Beach Police spokesperson also said that beach fires aren't allowed for any reason under their jurisdiction.

Charcoal is prohibited on Neptune Beach. A representative from Neptune Beach said the area does allow small gas grills on the beach, but no open flames.

We have verified that beach fires are allowed in Atlantic Beach with the use of an inexpensive permit. Neptune Beach and Jacksonville Beach will ask you to take your fire somewhere else.


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