You won't be able to drive on two very popular beaches for a couple of months in St. John’s County. Vilano Beach and Porpoise Point will not allow cars because of a sand placement project.

The beach will soon be getting a much-needed makeover for the next two months.

“This is one of our favorite beaches this and Anastasia Island and this is really unique because you get to drive on the beach here and kind of get to see what's going on,” said Stacey, a tourist from Massachusetts. She said she travels to Vilano Beach every April, and says one of the perks that keeps her coming back is parking right on the beach. It’s also a main attraction for locals.

"Between the surf and between the fact that we can still drive out here and park," said Vincent Gialanella, Vilano Beach resident. He drives his jeep on Vilano Beach frequently and says it’s a commodity he’s gotten used to almost as much as helping others cars off the sand.

"I think if they do the beach nourishment project out here that it will actually help the beach come back and help Vilano people here because I've seen it enough myself I've seen people enough people stuck out here that sand is too soft they get stuck."

He says he’s hopeful the sand placement project would alleviate some of the problem and keep Vilano Beach beautiful.

“If they shut it down for two months for some beach nourishment that's fine by me," said Gialanella.

Tourists didn’t seem to mind either. "Not if you can still use the beach, you still get some use out of it while repairs are going on and stuff that would be the ideal thing," said Stacey.