When you see marathon runners or Iron-man triathletes, it's easy to feel just a little intimidated.

But two local firefighters are showing what it takes to really compete with the best of the best.

Bob Snell and Todd Thompson earned an invitation to The 2017 World Police and Fire Games. It's an Olympic-style event held every two years that brings together 8,500 athletes from more than 60 countries.

56-year-old Snell is a St john’s county fire rescue captain and 43-year-old Thompson is a driver engineer for the Glynn County Fire Department.

“I was one point away from being in third so yeah I kicked myself a little bit,” said Snell.

He says the reason why he started CrossFit was to get fitter as a firefighter. “The challenge of firefighting sometimes is not so much the first 10 minutes of a fire when everybody Is charged up and everybody is ready to go and the adrenaline is pumping. It’s after the adrenaline is gone after you kind of have to step back take a breath and regroup and go back in.”

Another firefighter at the competition was Thompson who won event one of the competition with a 300-pound lift but overall finished in 4th place in the world in his age group

Both of them say while they didn’t bring any medals home they feel honored to compete and serve their community. “I loved representing my fire department out there against firemen from around the world,” said Thompson.

Snell who also came in 4th place in his age group says he’s already training for the next competition.

“Very proud of the department I work for, very proud when the introductions were done that they were not just announcing me as an individual but as a member of this department,” said Snell.