A 17-year-old and 20-year-old Julian Stephens were arrested for child neglect and child abuse after a Jacksonville child was found wandering alone, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said.

The suspects were playing video games for several hours while they were supposed to be watching a young child, according to JSO.

(PHOTO: JSO Facebook)

The 17-year-old realized he hadn't heard the child playing or making any noise so he started to look for the child. That's when he noticed that the front door was open. The 17-year-old suspect said he had locked the door when he got home, so he knew the child had unlocked it and walked out.

Then the suspects walked to a convenience store where they overheard people talking about a child that police were trying to identify. The suspects looked on Facebook and notified a relative. That relative then called the police.

After the suspects realized the child was missing they made no attempt to locate the victim, call the police, or notify anyone for assistance, JSO said. Both suspects failed to provide for the child’s well-being and safety.