A tree fell early Tuesday morning in a Mayport neighborhood and damaged two homes and cars.

Edward Riffle lives on Cape Charles Avenue in a home next door to the tree, but said when the tree fell it hit his home, two cars and motorcycle.

"It was through my living room roof," Riffle said. "Tore down some of the overhead, the ceiling."

Riffle said his mother-in-law’s car, which she just got last week, took the brunt of the damage.

"We just got this [car] about a week and a half ago. She just traded in her last vehicle and got this one," Riffle said. "Now she’s got a big dent she’s gotta deal with in it."

While Riffle and his family work to figure out what is and isn’t covered by insurance, he said he hopes this serves as a warning to neighbors to get their trees inspected.

"Hopefully one of these neighbors behind us will get their trees checked and hopefully we don’t have another one crashing through the house or someone’s house," he said.