Lake City, Fla. -- Thousands of crew members are expected in Lake City, ahead of anticipated power restoration efforts following Hurricane Irma. However, heavy traffic from South Florida evacuees is complicating things.

One FPL utility worker said the drive from Punta Gorda took him*seven-and-a-half hours. The delays were so long, the utility said they had to cancel a planned media briefing today.

Crews are meeting at the Columbia County Fairgrounds, not only from Florida but also virtually every other state and as far away as California. FPL is still seeking more crews, even some from Canada.

These crews will receive their instructions in Lake City before being deployed throughout Florida.

FPL serves over half the state of Florida, including South Florida, where some of the greatest impacts are anticipated with Hurricane Irma.

Their goal is to restore power as quickly and safely as possible. Once it's safe to do so, FPL said crews will be working 24/7.

FPL said they won't have a good idea of the track on the storm -- until tomorrow, or later.