JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Mandarin High is home to the Mustangs, and now a source of disappointment for a 14-year-old student who dreams of becoming a doctor.

Santos' 14-year-old daughter was accepted into the school's medical academy and then her application was declined.

"Does not make any sense, does not make any sense," she said.

Santos, a Brazilian national, said she enrolled her two children at Mandarin High; one is in the 11th grade, while the other wants to attend the Medical Academy.

In June, the 14-year-old girl received a letter stating she was accepted into the Medical Academy.

"She was very happy she jumping hey mommy I got I got I got," she said.

She signed it. But last week during orientation the family was told the acceptance letter was no good.

"Because her name was not in the computer," said Santos, "Why did she get this letter?"

Why? That's where it gets confusing.

"It does not make any sense," she said, " I don't understand."

The acceptance letter states if Mandarin is not your assigned high school, it does not guarantee acceptance. It also states the applicant must fill out a Special Assignment application. Santos said she did.

"I take application, filled it out and send it in May," she said.

She would have had to do the same for the older sibling, which by the way is enrolled at the same school without a problem.

A spokesperson for the school district said it appears the school reassignment application for the 14-year-old missed the May 15th deadline.

Santos wants to know how could it be?

"If it is no do not send letter," she said, "Why send letter to me?"

The district spokesperson describes the issue as "unfortunate." She said according to its records the family did not apply for the special transfer in time and now the school is at capacity.

Even so they will reach out to the family and see if this can be resolved.