JACKSONVILLE, Fl -- In September, a few days after Hurricane Irma. Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry demonstrated the city's tough approach by driving a heavy equipment and then he promised an aggressive clean up.

" We are moving aggressively and we will get it done," he said.

And from all appearances they are getting it done, but apparently not soon enough for some.

"I've been calling, " Chuck Berry said.

Berry lives in the Sandalwood area and finally Tuesday most of his debris was removed from his neighborhood streets, but he's still upset.

The mayor's promise is a joke," he said, " why did it take this long?"

There are several temporary dump sites across the city. The site on Ft. Caroline road takes in about 100 trucks a day. An employee there said since the storm clean began they've process 70-thousand tons of debris at that site alone.

Mayor Lenny Curry says he understands the frustration in some of the neighborhoods, but they need to know progress is being made.

"We are being aggressive," he said, "but I recognize that if you're the last road to be picked up that's not aggressive to you."

The mayor said FEMA contractors have removed 900-thousand cubic yards of debris in 22 days; they've covered 2900 road miles in Duval County with one thousand more to go.

"The message to our citizens is thank you for your patience," Curry said, "the first pass will be done by November 8, if you have issues and you feel your street was missed call 630-city."

Curry said after November 8, debris removal crews will begin a second pass on neighborhood streets for anything they may have missed.

He said in 2004, it took the city six months to recover from that storm, he is convinced that the city is making tremendous progress with this clean up.