JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The South Rehabilitation Center has been providing mental health counseling and help with substance abuse, but now the future of the facility is uncertain.

In its mission statement the center claims one of its goals is to improve its customers’ quality of life.

"It was good for awhile," said Cheryl Doyle.

Doyle has been a patient of SRC for nearly three years.

"I had no self-esteem. I was very depressed all the time and they helped," she said.

Every two weeks, she would receive counseling provided by SRC, but a few days ago her therapist quit.

"I feel helpless," she said.

Doyle is being treated for bipolar disorder and she said SRC has yet to refer her to another facility.

"I can probably go about a month, but after that I'm going to have to start seeing somebody again," she said.

Meanwhile, Valerie Phoenix worked for SRC.

"We were serving this community and doing our jobs," Phoenix said.

A few days ago, Phoenix quit after the non-profit failed to pay her.

"We had good relationships with our clients and now they're being abandoned because we can't get paid," she said.

Phoenix is one of several therapists who decided to walk out.

"All of the therapist walked out," she said, "for non-payment."

Detrix Daka is the CEO of South Rehabilitation Center.

"My business is temporarily closed. I am not taking new clients," Daka said. "I have not been paid since July and I cannot pay my staff."

Daka said by phone that in July staffers from the Attorney General's office raided his office and seized his documents.

"It was very surprising," he said.

He said he doesn't know why, but he has not been paid from the state since July. Daka said he has now retained an attorney.

He has no answers except he is temporarily closed and he is not accepting new clients.

His former staffers want to know when they're going to be paid, and his former clients would like to know where do they go from here.

He could not provide those answers.