Work began Thursday on the Davenport Park parking lot in St. Augustine in preparation for a major overhaul of a nearby intersection.

Crews will eliminate some parking in the lot along West San Carlos Avenue and build new parking in an undeveloped area between the St. Johns County Library and the National Guard Armory. The shift will allow for the widening of West San Carlos Avenue and an overhaul of the May Street and San Marco Avenue intersection.

“If [people] go one Saturday and they go back the next they may have to park in a different area because we’re gonna be reconfiguring all the parking,” says Paul Williamson, director of public affairs for the City of St. Augustine.

The city is paying around $500,000 for the project, which is expected to last through May. The new parking area will have around 35 more spots than the site currently holds. It will also have two access points from U.S. 1 and one exit onto San Marco Ave.

“It’ll be challenging, it’ll be difficult, but with growing comes pains so it’ll be nice to have the relief,” St. Augustine resident Molly Shields, who takes her daughter to the library and carousel every Thursday, said.

The parking lot reconfiguration paves the way for construction on the May St. and San Marco Ave. intersection. The Florida Department of Transportation is in charge of that project, which is expected to begin this summer and last a couple years.