St. Augustine, Fla -- In the most public way she knew, St. Augustine Mayor Nancy Shaver shared a positive outlook on tragic personal news during they city's Monday night commission meeting.

"People would find out and it would sort of be this whispery thing," Shaver said Tuesday. "I thought 'wait a minute. I can help and encourage women my age that they need to keep getting mammograms.'"

She says doctors found her lump during a routine mammogram.

They say the tumor is 6 millimeters or about a quarter inch.

They plan to surgically remove the tumor during surgery Wednesday at Mayo Clinic. She says doctors are unable to determine if she'll need radiation or chemotherapy until after the surgery.

"It definitely was a surprise," Shaver said. "There is no family history, but then to find out that that's true for 80% of women who are diagnosed."

Already, social media has been a resource for Shaver both to encourage women to schedule a mammogram and to be encouraged that she'll make it through.

Shaver's daughter will take care of her after surgery.

The Mayor says she plans to be back at a city budget meeting August 24th.

"People on my Facebook are sending prayers and love and warmth and telling me I'm going to kick ass, which I am," Shaver said.