ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. - In his third attempt, a St. Augustine man plans to set off this month and sail around the world alone.

Dr. Stanley Paris, 80, and originally from New Zealand hopes his attempt will set a world record. He wants to be the oldest man to sail around the world alone.

His first attempt was in 2014, but his deck fittings came lose about 50 days into the sail. The second time tore in half, he said.

This time he has a new boat called the Kiwi Spirit II.

"It's a little smaller, but I'll be able to handle it better in rougher conditions," he said.

He's getting it ready to break the 150-day world record. He's packed extra gear, high tech equipment and dehydrated and canned foods.

Paris has really lightened his load on the boat, just to get rid of any extra weight. He's even taken the cushions off.

"The big anchor we'd normally carry is off the bow," he added.

The stopwatch starts in Bermuda and he will sail in the southern hemisphere. But what makes him try for a third time?

"I wish I knew," he laughed. "I'd get it cured if I could!"

Really, he says it's a love of the sea and the drive to beat a record.

However, Paris admits that a solo sail can be lonely.

"What I miss most all all is touch," he said. "The one thing, you can't touch anybody. There's no one there to touch, to shake a hand. I didn't know it meant so much to me until I was back here."

So he says, this is his last attempt to sail around the world alone.

"I have my wife's explicit permission to state so!," he said. "In one way it's beautiful to be out there alone, to survive by yourself, but on the other hand, I really like people and their company."

This people-loving captain will set sail from his home city of St. Augustine, November 18 to see if the third time really is the charm.