ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla.- Investigators from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement raided a medical clinic on A1A in the Crescent Beach area Tuesday, First Coast News has learned.

The Medical Clinic of St. Augustine and the office of Doctor Asok Roy were closed Tuesday and patients were being turned away.

FDLE confirmed to First Coast News that they are participating in a criminal investigation and served a warrant at Dr. Roy's office, but would not say what the investigation was about. The Florida Department of Health was also involved in Tuesday's raid.

While no officials would comment on the specifics of the raid, Dr. Roy told First Coast News' Jessica Clark that agents questioned him about exchanging sexual favors for medicine, a charge he called "absolutely ridiculous".

He told Clark, the investigators "are here because they are performing an investigation. They say X, Y, Z. All kinds of stupid nuisance." He continued, "They're all thinking we are doing a sex scam here and all kinds of stupid things... and I'm doing drugs, selling drugs to the patients for money, and all kinds of stupid things."

Roy said he hasn't done anything wrong. He says a trap was set with undercover officers. He also said he is so sure he hasn't done anything criminal, that he has volunteered everything in his office for investigators to go through.

Roy's office window says the clinic is board certified in internal medicine, geriatircs and addiction medicine.

Kelli Loviska is a patient of Roy's. She is seeing him for pain management. She showed up for an appointment Tuesday in the middle of the raid.

"I like him. I like him and his wife,' Loviska said. "They're very caring to me. They're always very concerned about my well being."

Another patient told First Coast News that Roy saved her life. She has been seeing him for a year and a half.

"Everything's legit," Loviska said. They drug test me. Everything is legit as with any doctor I've seen in the past."

Roy's practice specializes in both pain management and treatment for opioid addiction.

FDLE spokesperson Sterling Ivey tells First Coast News that information from the raid will be given to the State Attorney's Office for criminal prosecution.

The State Surgeon General's Office has placed an emergency suspension on Dr. Roy's license.