ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla.—After Hurricane Matthew hit, many people lost many things... including washing machines and dryers. Some people are simply not able to wash clothes.

That's when St. Augustine Laundry Angels was launched.

Michelle Fortier works as an angel.

She said she has compassion for those who have homes ravaged by Hurricane Matthew ravaged their homes. Many of them lost their ability to do a load of wash.

Fortier said, "That's something I can do! Because I can't do the physical labor, but I can do laundry!"

She has visited shelters and the neighborhoods hardest hit, where the houses have no appliances. She offers the gift of clean cloths.

"They're complete strangers to me," Fortier said. "I say, 'I'm one of the Laundry Angels in town and we're offering a service to do your laundry until you get back on your feet."

Slowly, people are handing over their dirty laundry to the 300 or so Laundry Angels.

"I say, 'Call me, it's available. I'll set it up with one person. I set you up with your own angel, so seven people are not coming to your house.' Because people don't want to let just anyone in," she explained.

Bag by bag, Fortier delivers bags of freshly clean clothes.

She feels good and so do those she visits.

Smiling, she added, "We need clean clothes to make you feel good, just like a shower makes you feel good."

Fortier may not have wings, but she has all that it takes to earn a halo.

For more information, contact the St. Augustine Laundry Angels Facebook page here, by clicking here. You can also email the station at