JACKSONVILLE, Fla.- A victim who was inside the Community First Credit Union on Edgewood Avenue when an armed gunman entered the facility and held customers and employees hostage was briefly named as a suspect by Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams.

Williams held a news conference about 30 minutes after the situation ended peacefully and all of the hostages released.

Police: Suspect threatened to kill hostages during credit union robbery

Williams named the suspect as an 18 year old employee of the bank. Minutes later, the @JSOPIO twitter account said the person name is in fact, not the suspect and that they are trying to determine the suspect's name.

Since then, the suspect has been named as Nicholas Daquan Humphrey, 23.

The suspect is in custody and nobody was shot in the incident, despite earlier reports.

The mother of the 18 year old is asked JSO to apologize which Sheriff Williams said he did during a 5 p.m. news conference.

"My heart just dropped because you are a mother, hearing about your son's name being released as the suspect." she said.