The safety of our United States sailors has been in the spotlight after recent collisions involving navy ships in Asian waters. So, what is being done to keep our sailors safe while at sea?

The Secretary of the Navy, Richard V. Spencer, visited Naval Station Mayport Thursday afternoon. It was a routine visit, but he took time to take questions from sailors.

"It's a tragedy and it's totally unacceptable, we cannot be our own worst enemy," said Spencer.

Secretary Spencer has been on the job for about a month. But as the new leader of the Navy, he says enough is enough. Since January, there have been four accidents involving U-S Navy warships. The latest being the USS John S McCain.

"We're having safety stand-downs, times for crews to get together, talk about operations, talk about the tempo. We're going to use these events as teaching events on how we can improve the way that we operate on the seas," Spencer continued.

Secretary Spencer took questions from sailors at Mayport. One of the first questions was about training and if Secretary Spencer believed that inadequate training may have been the reason for the recent incidents with the Fitzgerald and John S. McCain. He says he hasn't been given enough information to say if training is an issue.

Secretary Spencer said it is important to hear from those who serve on the ships.

"You heard me say that when it comes to people, those that are facing off with the issues and or systems usually have the best answers to solutions to problems they might be looking at and that's the kind of feedback we need to make the holistic betterment of the whole organization."

A memo was released today outlining a comprehensive review of surface fleet incidents...that have occurred over the past decade...with an emphasis on 7th Fleet. The commander of the 7th fleet was recently dismissed after this string of accidents. The results are requested within 60 days.