JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- At V-Pizza in San Marco, the pizza's weren't the only talk of the town Monday.

"One of our favorite customers actually reached out to us and said 'Hey, I think my credit card was stolen," said Direct of Operations David Villmow.

He pulled up the restaurant's security feed which showed a customer accidentally left their credit card on the counter after paying for pizza earlier this month.

"We have it clear as day," Villmow said of the video.

The next customer in line is caught on camera pocketing the card instead of turning it in.

When V-Pizza realized what happened, they posted photos from their security camera to Facebook.

"We have about 150,000 people that see our post every single week," Villmow said.

Shares and comments poured in. Within about three hours, another customer recognized the people captured in the security feed.

"They actually come back up and used the card later on to get dessert afterward, I guess," Vilmow said.

The customer reported the card had other transactions on it that they didn't authorize, totaling more than $400.

Both the customer and the restaurant have passed information to JSO.

"We're not going to try and be judge and jury or police officer," Villmow said. "Again, we're just trying to help."