VILANO BEACH, Fla. – The Florida Department of Health is urging residents to not get in the water at Vilano Beach due to high levels of bacteria.

“My reaction is 'eww,' that is just not good,” said Leslie Beam.

On a Florida weekend – going to the beach is high on the list. But this weekend, there’s something in the water, fecal bacteria to be exact.

“I won’t be in the water this weekend because it will be too cold but it is a little unsettling to hear that and I want to know where it is coming from,” said Karen Register.

The Department of Health did a weekly test of six beaches. The water sample came back poor for Vilano Beach. They say the fecal pollution could have come from storm water runoff, pets and human sewage.

“A lot of people live in Florida for the ocean and now you can’t even go in the ocean. Its going to be a nice weekend, bikers are coming to town, that is not good,” said Jim Webb.

Beam and her friends are in town for a bachelorette party – it’s safe to say going to the beach will not be on the list of things to do. “We are going to have to stick to the pool.”

The Department of Health did not give an exact timeline of how long to avoid the water. When that becomes available we will let you.