It’s a stretch of road in northern St. Johns County motorists have been complaining about for more than year.

Last August residents reached out First Coast News concerned about the number of construction trucks on a stretch of County Road 210 where a new community is being built. And this week we've heard from several viewers concerned about all the dust.

"There's times you can't see what's coming at you… It's bad," said Jens Lorenzen, who lives and works off C.R. 210 between Interstate 95 and U.S. 1.

John Kinsey, the developer of the planned community that's expected to have more than 3,000 homes, spoke to us via Skype. He says he knows dust is an issue but the dry season is the time to build.

"In order to be able to develop the property you have to do it basically during the winter and during the dry season," Kinsey said. "If you come out and do it in the summer time in the rainy season you're just going to be pushing around a bunch of mud and nothing ever gets done."

A viewer emailed us a photo of a dust cloud on C.R. 210 concerned that driving conditions on this road are unsafe and with so much dust it can be hard to see. The developer says dust control measures are in the works.

"Were working on getting permitting on putting a fence along a large portion of the front of the property that would have a dust control barrier on it. We haven't been able to do that because of the road widening work that we're doing," said Kinsey.

Part of the plan is to also widen this two-lane road to six-lanes to accommodate the influx of people. But Lorenzen says dust isn't the only problem. He says It's also people speeding. "If you're doing 50 or 60 miles an hour and you go into this dust storm you're not going to see… they should fix it because something bad is going to happen."

The developer tells us he hopes to start paving roads in the development next week and that should help cut down on the dust.