JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The St. Johns Riverkeeper has released a new report by a leading international port and shipping expert that finds the proposed dredging of the St. Johns River to be "economically infeasible."

According to Dr. Ashar, JAXPORT is likely to remain a secondary port, with or without
dredging. Still, he believes that JAXPORT will continue to have opportunities to grow even
without deeper water. The report states that “despite the dire prediction of JAXPORT’s
consultant that the ‘Asian market will likely disappear at JAXPORT by 2015,’ JAXPORT’s Asian
cargo has been steadily growing, even with the existing channel.”

“This new report provides further evidence that the economic projections for the Deep Dredge
have been grossly overstated,” says Jimmy Orth, St. Johns RIVERKEEPER Executive Director. “It
also demonstrates the urgent need for a transparent community dialogue to fully vet the project
before dredging begins. We can’t afford to potentially spend hundreds of millions of tax dollars,
cause significant harm to our river, and then find out later that the project wasn’t beneficial or
even necessary.”