JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office internal affairs report obtained by First Coast News revealed an officer in the polygraph unit allegedly exercised, got massages and ran personal errands while on the clock.

As part of the investigation, JSO’s Integrity/Special Investigation Unit conducted surveillance on Officer Gloria Graham for 17 work days in November/December 2016. During that time, Graham left her work station at the Police Memorial Building for a total of nearly 64 hours, according to the internal affairs report. That equates to nearly eight full work days.

“My sources say the reason why she missed that work is that she is in a specialized unit, she’s a polygraph examiner or what they call a polygrapher, and she did not have examinations scheduled for those days so she felt like it wasn’t needed to show up,” said First Coast News Crime Analyst Mark Baughman.

The report said Graham’s immediate supervisor filed the complaint, saying Graham was frequently gone from her work station for extended periods of time. Additionally, the report stated the supervisor had been told Graham worked out, got her hair done and rode her bike on the trail while on the clock.

Graham earned $2,236.07 for time she was not at her work station during the period she was surveilled, according to the report.

“If you’re supposed to be getting paid and you’re supposed to be showing up to work, it is theft,” Baughman said.

The report said the case was discussed with the State Attorney’s Office, but they declined to pursue theft charges.

“At a time right now where you have Mayor Curry asking for 100 more police officers, you’re trying to get one to show up that you’re paying already,” Baughman said. “Something’s wrong with that.”

According to Graham’s concise officer history, she initially received a 20-day suspension that was reduced to 10 days by Undersheriff Pat Ivey.

Baughman said he doesn’t understand why she received that punishment when other officers, like Frank Holtsman, have received worse.

“Where’s the fairness in dealing with this in some manner,” Baughman said.

The internal affairs report said Graham admitted to getting massages, going to the gym, eating at health food stores, shopping, going to doctor’s appointments, getting acupuncture, bike riding and stopping home while on the clock.

She told her supervisor “her motivation to workout was over bearing and controlling her life,” according to the document.

First Coast News went to an address believed to be Graham's but no one answered the door. JSO has not yet responded to a request for comment.