Families on Jacksonville's Westside say enough is enough.

An abandoned, overgrown lot near their homes has been over-run by huge rats.

"You got kids that be around here. These rats stand in the middle of the street and don't even move," Shawn Donaldson a resident at Magnolia Terrace Apartments said.

The complex, on Hyde Park Road, backs up into the private lot.

A perfectly manicured daycare sits just across the street from the lot.

"I was walking and I stepped on a rat and it tried to attack me. At the same time, they don't even move off the street," Donaldson told First Coast News. "They make us walk out on the street. We don't even use the sidewalk."

Neighbor, Gloria Sirmans, says the lot attracts "nats, flies, big ol' flies... rats... big ol' rats" into their homes.

SIrmans says she's complained to management, who told her the lot is not their responsibility, even though they have signs threatening legal action against anyone who dumps trash there.

According to the Duval County tax appraisers records, the property is owned by First Coast Family & Housing Foundation INC., a company that deals in low-income housing.

We attempted to contact them, but the phone number listed for the company is out of service and no one was present at the physical address listed for the company in Duval County.

Donaldson says overflowing dumpsters are also contributing to the problem.

"It's a hazard. It's savage. Please help me. I got kids. I got grand kids. I don't want them out here around all this," Donaldson pleaded to city leaders.

First Coast News has been following this issue for a week or so. When we returned to the site Tuesday evening, the city had posted a notice summoning the property owner to a hearing at City Hall later this month.

We will continue to follow this issue and bring you the latest updates as this story develops.