The St. Augustine Beach Police Department is investigating a possible attempted abduction that reportedly happened at the St. Johns County Pier Splash Park last week.

According to police, the attempted abduction was reported on social media, rather than to law enforcement directly.

The woman who posted about the incident told police that it happened on Wednesday, July 12. She said her and her 2-year-old daughter were at Splash Park in St. Augustine.

She told police that her daughter was approached by a man and after he engaged in conversation, her daughter started yelling. She said she saw the man try to pull her up by the arm. The mother said she screamed at the man until he left.

The daughter is safe with her mom, police said.

Amber Hennessey posted about the incident on her Facebook page. She said it's scary that the man has not been caught since the incident.

"I'm a mother myself, so hearing something like this, it's really devastating," Hennessey said. "I would love to be able to take my child to the park and have fun with no worries, but the fact that this happened, it's crazy, scary."

The report described the man to be white, around 50 years old with salt and pepper hair and about 6-feet-tall.

St. Augustine Police are referring to it as a "suspicious incident." Police ask if you know anything, call St. Augustine Beach Police at 904-471-3600.