PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. - A Ponte Vedra Beach woman is warning others after she claimed to find sharp metal objects in her step-daughter’s Halloween candy.

“It was just one of those heart-dropping moments,” Lucy Ferguson said. “I was like okay, there’s gotta be a better explanation for this. Surely no one would purposely do this.”

Ferguson told First Coast News her step-daughter asked her to go through her Halloween candy Friday; the girl wasn’t allowed to eat the candy until Ferguson gave it the all-clear. Ferguson said she goes through Halloween candy every year.

This year, however, she noticed a strange Snickers wrapper when she dumped out a pile of candy.

Ferguson said it looked like three of the mini candy wrappers fused together and was partially torn.

“When I went to check it, a bit of a blade had kind of, sort of, grabbed part of my skin,” she said. “And I continued on to feel through the candy and that’s whenever we found the little second part of a piece of metal.”

Ferguson took photos of the mystery objects afterward. She said her step-daughter only trick-or-treated in their neighborhood, off Marsh Cove Drive in Ponte Vedra Beach.

“I had asked her ‘Did you eat any of the candy out of the bag? Were y’all playing around with it?’ And she was like ‘No, ma’am,’” Ferguson said.

Ferguson reported the incident to the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office, which sent deputies to her home Monday. The incident report states:

“It should be noted the candy wrapper appeared to be three separate candy wrappers, which were never separated by the manufacturer. The wrapper appeared as though some sort of malfunction with production equipment took place during the manufacturing and packaging of the product.”

A Sheriff’s Office representative said they are not investigating the incident as a criminal matter.

First Coast News reached out to Snickers’ parent company, Mars, Incorporated Monday via phone and email, but has not gotten a response. Ferguson said she had been in contact with the company and they are making plans for her to send in the candy and metal pieces for investigation.

No matter the source, Ferguson said this should be a reminder to all parents:

“Look through your kids candy, keep your kids safe,” she said.