JACKSONVILLE, Fla.,-- Two days after Hurricane Matthew, residents and businesses spent their Sunday cleaning up.

"I was very scared, its our lives so I was scared for all of us," said Dean Singleton, owner of Singleton's Seafood Shack.

As the sun sets on Singleton's, Dean and his family are thankful.

"its a staple to the community, pretty much a historic place."

Singleton's has been in Mayport for more than 50 years.

Deans father started the business and its stayed in the family ever since.

As the storm surge came in, the store looked as if it was completely flooded.

His business was on his mind, but what was most important was his fathers model boats.

"We went through them before the storm and tried to pick them up, I was trying to get them out of here."

To Deans surprise the storm had minimal water damage. But he hurts for those who had major damage.

"The shack survived, but I feel bad for St. Augustine and all those places, it was terrible,terrible for sure"

More importantly, his fathers boats were saved.

"That can't be replaced. my dad passed 20 years ago. Its a museum, so that would have been devastating."