New video is out showing what happened the night a troubled officer with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office hit and killed a man with his squad car.

Officer Tim James struck 63-year-old Blane Land the night of May 10. It happened near the 5000 block of University Boulevard West on the Southside.

The surveillance video from the night of the incident shows Land crossing University Boulevard West, before being struck and killed by Ofc. Tim James.

Attorney John Phillips, who represents Land's family, said many of the details in the video are things he already knew, and some show liability on both Land and James, Phillips said, like the fact Land is jaywalking and wearing dark colors.

However, Phillips said the video clearly shows James speeding.

"Clearly if you look at the other traffic, Tim James was going very very very fast. He had his lights on, he didn't swerve. Was he looking at the roadway?" Phillips said.

The biggest thing the video shows? Phillips said it goes against JSO's narrative. The sheriff's office said Land crossed the street repeatedly, narrowly avoiding a JFRD vehicle.

"That's untrue, and it's offensive," Phillips said.

That vehicle actually narrowly avoids hitting a different individual, moments before Land was hit.

"It's sad we can't get the truth without the video having to show what really happened," Phillips said.

"My pool of friends and family were split, some said 'you know Stacy, you need to see it and some said it's not going to help you," said Land's sister, Stacy Land.

Land's sister, Stacy Land, watched the video for the first time Friday.

"We memorialized Blane in June, we scattered his ashes, so we've already said goodbye, but I have to tell you seeing the video, it took us right back to may 11th again," Land said.

For her, watching the video brings relief, but also feelings of anger.

"I think every one of us just stepped back a few months in time and it just kind of opened up all those old wounds," she said.

Phillips has received hundreds of additional computer files on James. Land's sister said she wants to wait and see what else is found on James, before proceeding with further legal action.

A JSO spokesperson said they do not comment on ongoing investigations.