JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A 5-month-old baby boy is dead. The 65-year-old woman who was babysitting him was charged Thursday with murder.

Barbara Kendrick was arrested Tuesday. She allegedly threw the baby, Cooper Dubovik, when she became frustrated with him.

"I was just trying to save the little man. He was so precious," said Teresa Spivey. Through tears, next door neighbor Teresa Spivey recalls trying to save 5-month-old Cooper's life. "If I had known that baby was in harm's way, I would have been singing to the highest mountain, and I had no clue that baby was in harm's way," she said.

Teresa said it was Tuesday afternoon when Barbara Kendrick came over to her house and told Teresa that Cooper was not breathing. Teresa said she ran over as fast as she could. She spotted baby Cooper propped up in a recliner.

Teresa said she picked him up, set him on the floor and performed CPR. She instructed Barbara to call 911. "I just asked God to walk me through that process. I'd never done that before," said Spivey.

Cooper died from internal injuries a day later. Barbara later admitted to police she threw baby Cooper.

"He had a bubbly little attitude, he just smiled, cooed, started pulling up with his little fingers, bouncing his little feet like he was dancing, he was a sweet little baby," said Spivey.

Teresa calls Barbara a caring grandmother but said Barbara would sometimes lose her temper. During those times, Teresa said Barbara would come get her to help care for Cooper. Teresa wishes Barbara would have done exactly that on Tuesday.

"I will pray for her. I'm going to pray for all of them. I prayed so hard for that baby. I prayed so hard for that little fella," said Spivey.