JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Another dead animal has been found, not far from where a decapitated goat was discovered on Saturday in Arlington.

Keith Farmer said he didn't think anything of the dead rooster he found near a culvert, until he learned about the discovery of a goat carcass just one-and-a-half miles from him at the Sam Marco Food Store in Grove Park.

According to Farmer, it was around 7 a.m. Friday morning near Cocoa Ave and Century Street, when he spotted it: a nearly-decapitated rooster.

"I looked down and kind of on the side of the ditch, there was a plastic bag with chicken feet sticking out," said Farmer.

Farmer picked it up, threw it in the garbage and thought nothing else of it.

"He was nice big and plump. I couldn't understand why anybody would have just tossed him," he said.

It wasn't until he watched the story of the goat on First Coast News that Farmer thought something might be up, and the two incidents could be related.

"Maybe somebody was just trying to throw them away in two different places so there was no connection."

First Coast News reached out to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, who responded only to say that no records exit in regard to any reports of dead goats near Arlington.

The City of Jacksonville said Animal Control and Protective Services only investigates domestic animal issues, not including livestock. The city said public works picked up the goat carcass on Sunday.

Now Farmer just wants answers about what could possibly be happening in his backyard.

"If somebody pursues the goat angle and finds there is some connection to weird stuff, then maybe this might be a clue that would help them evaluate the whole big picture," he said.