JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Kristopher Jackson, 2, died after being accidentally run over by a family member at Matthew's Crossing Apartments, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said.

According to police, the incident happened around midnight at the Mathews Crossing Apartments. Police say the child's mother was visiting a relative at the apartment complex and decided to drive to a local convenience store. According to police, the mother asked a relative to watch her two small children.

Police say the child was able to leave the apartment without the relative's knowledge and was struck by his mother as she was backing out of the parking spot. The child was transported to a local hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

Traffic Homicide Detectives are on scene to conduct the investigation

The mother released the following statement:

"My statement is God is now allowing me to share Kristoper James Jackson Jr. with the world. He was perfect in my eyes and even though this was a fatal accident, I will never be the same. I always made sure I was aware of my children whereabouts and I hope it helps others to be aware that no matter what, make sure you keep an eye out for your child or children, but also all children. I don't feel there was anything I could've done to prevent this. I did everything I was suppose to do as a mother and despite me feeling like there was more that I've could've done, it was something that I had no control over. I made sure he was in the house with my mother before I got in the car. I checked my mirrors. I just was so sure that it wasn't my baby that I just backed up on, but it was. I cherished my boy. He is still and always will be my pride and joy. I just ask that those who know me and don't know me respect the healing process."