JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Museum of Contemporary Art's newest exhibit tantalizes the senses.

It takes sight and sound and marries them in a surprising and fresh way; bringing music into art interactively.

The exhibit highlights seven artists who have used video, photography, sound, instruments, and even vacuums to create works of art that are more than they seem at first glance.

Like the net made of power cords that whispers to you when you get close, drawing you in like a siren to a sailor. You can't help but lean in and learn its secrets.

Part of the Synthesize exhibit at @mocajax! It whispers to you.

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The exhibit is a treat for the eyes but is also immersive. "The Conductor" is a floor to ceiling video installation of rap videos synced to a piece of classical music. It blends two things together that typically wouldn't cross paths but definitely belong in the same realm of music.

Behind a black curtain sits a symphony -- of vacuums.

Each vacuum sits dormant until an art lover walks past and it gasps to life, lighting up and sucking air through a harmonica fixed to the hose. The more people in the exhibit, the louder the cacophonous harmonica sighs become making the patrons passively in control of the music. When the vacuum is done the light flicks off and the sighs wane.

There are floor-to-ceiling photos of instruments made using an old school photographic technique that doesn't require a camera at all, just light, and a stop-action film depicting a guitar solo (and guitar destruction) and photos of stereos from all over the world that would make even Lloyd Dobbler jealous.

That's not all, but you will have to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art Downtown in order to see the rest.

The exhibit will be open until September 24.