It's all about connecting with the kids before bad influences do.

The Jacksonville Police Athletic League's "MobilePAL" program held its first event of summer 2017 Saturday with an event at the River Region Community Center in Arlington.

The Police Athletic League builds positive relationships between police and kids, helping the children avoid trouble and steer their lives in positive directions. "MobilePAL" takes a proactive approach by scheduling events in communities where the risk and need are greatest.

The Saturday event was the first of four scheduled for summer 2017, including food, games, and even a 70-foot water obstacle course. "MobilePAL" is in its third year, having made stops at some 13 locations so far, reaching about a thousand kids in all. The program has three more events on this year's calendar.

Click here for more information including MobilePAL's 2017 schedule and locations.