The U.S. Navy's newest destory, the USS Zumwalt docked at Mayport Tuesday.

The Zumwalt is the Navy's most advanced and expensive warship ever - it cost $4.4 billion to make!

It's the destroyer's first visit to the Sunshine State.

Captain James Kirk, the Zumwalt's commanding officer, and spoke a little bit about what's under the hood of the massive destroyer.

"We've got a new propulsion system, new network, operate with new radar, launder, helicopter - basically we put all new stuff on DDG 1000 and these are the sailors that are bringing it to the fleet," he said.

It will dock for a short time in Mayport before heading to its home port of San Diego.

The ship is big.

At 600 feet long, it could fit two football fields, end to end without the endzones.

It's pretty wide as well - 80.5 feet. That could fit about 10 greyhound buses lined up side-by-side.

And the thing is heavy. It displaces over 15,000 tons of water.

So think about how large an Olympic-sized swimming pool is. It displaces more total water than seven of those guys.

It's called the Zumwalt after Elmo Zumwalt.

After serving in World War II in the Pacific, he was named Chief of Naval Operations and is credited for improving life for enlisted sailors and bettering race relations.

At his funeral in January of 2000, President Bill Clinton called him, "The Conscience of the Navy."

The ship looks so wonky because the design - and the material it's made of - makes it harder for the enemy to detect.