The Navy warns residents living around Naval Air Station Jacksonville they'll likely notice a noise increased from Dec. 2 to Dec. 18 as training exercises are conducted at the base.

The training schedule will bring carrier-based jet fighters and other types of aircraft to NAS Jax during those days.

Aircraft activity is expected to pick up in the surrounding areas. Noise complaints can be emailed to NASJAX_NOISE_COMPLAINTS@NAVY.MIL.

The training exercises are in support of USS George H.W. Bush and embarked Carrier Strike Group 2. CSG 2 left Naval Station Norfolk back on Nov. 28 to being their own tests.

Rear Admiral Kenneth Whitesell, the commander of CSG 2, said via an emailed statement that the training will build confidence CSG 2 is a superior force against any potential enemy and could be deployed anywhere in the world.