Mayor Lenny Curry confirmed to First Coast News on Saturday that he is NOT seeking seeking an appointment to become Florida's Chief Financial Officer. 

Florida's current CFO is Jeff Atwater

"It's flattering that people see the results and speculate, but I'm just going to keep doing my job and let what I do today speak about who I am," said Curry.

Full statement from Mayor Lenny Curry:
"In light of ongoing media speculation, I feel I must make clear my plans for the future.

As a candidate for Mayor, I explained that I would make Jacksonville a place where all of our city’s children, including my own, can grow up seeing their dreams come true. Safe streets, good schools, loving families and neighbors, with a growth economy that provides good jobs.

In just under two years, we’ve accomplished big things; investments in public safety, progress in downtown and long-term financial stability through pension reform. But there is much more to do.

Too many kids wake up in areas of our city where violence stands in the way of hope. We can do more to create jobs and get all our neighborhoods growing again. And we need to continue strong financial stewardship to protect the hard earned money we get from taxpayers.

I have stated many times in recent weeks that it is flattering to hear speculation about a statewide position that would allow me to do more for the state. And I always stand ready to work with Governor Scott to make the future brighter.

But to stem the gossip and get the focus back on the city I love, I informed the Governor today that I am not seeking an appointment to CFO.

For my family and yours, for every person in every neighborhood, I will continue to work as your Mayor and ask each of you to continue to walk with me on this journey to our shared future."