YULEE, Fla. -- It has been a month since Hurricane Irma left her footprint on Yulee.

Piles of debris line Airplane Lane, but residents are more concerned about what's going on overhead.

They're all AT&T customers who are still without phone service and internet service, a month after the storm.

James Horne lives by himself and depends on his phone service.

"I am an old man, in my seventies, anything can happen," Horne said. "you can fall and hurt yourself and you can't call nobody to come help you."

The crews have replaced a pole but the lines are still hanging. It is clear that the infrastructure was heavily damaged, what is unclear is when will the system be restored.

"Why it is taking so long to replace that line I couldn't tell you," Hodges said.

Hodges operates a home-based business; he needs his internet service.

"Before the service interruption 100% of my invoices were online," he said.

He said he has been using his cellphone data plan to fill the void, but that is too costly to continue.

And adding to his frustration Hodges said every time he reaches out to AT&T he gets a different time-schedule for the repairs.

If the problem was isolated to just his Hodges or Horne it would be one thing, but it it is not.

"I understand a hurricane comes through it is going to take some time, but a month?" asked Hodges.

A spokesperson for AT&T said they will escalate the concerns.

Nassau County EOC Director Billy Estep said his office will continue to press the company for answers.