More than 100 students from River City Science Academy-Mandarin are giving people injured in the Las Vegas concert shooting a reason to smile.

Ashley Hiorns, a sixth- and seventh-grade teacher, asked her students to make cards for people recovering in the hospital.

“I told them that it was not mandatory but I was asking them to do it,” she said. “And every single person did it. Every one.”

“If I were in that position I would just be heartbroken and if someone else sent [a card] to me I would feel amazing,” sixth-grader Rave Dodani said. “I would feel that other people also care about me that I might not even know.”

For Hiorns, the effort is personal; her 17-year-old nephew was injured in the shooting and is still in the hospital.

Hiorns said her brother and his family live in Las Vegas and her nephew was at the concert. She said the teen was standing in the concession line when the gunfire started.

“Everybody was just standing. He didn’t think anything was wrong,” Hiorns said. “Jason Aldean was still playing so he thought it was part of the concert.”

Her nephew, who she requested First Coast News not name, was shot in the arm. The bullet traveled through to his lung.

Hiorns said her nephew may get to leave the hospital this weekend. She sent the cards off earlier this week and said her sister-in-law received them and distributed them at the hospital Friday.