JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A posting on the Kitchen on San Marco Facebook page Tuesday morning announced that the restaurant would be closing permanently.

Previous social media posts hinted at a late fall reopening. The restaurant was one of several seemingly in jeopardy along San Marco Boulevard post-Irma.

The only hint that Hepcats Salon on San Marco Boulevard has been open for just a week is the lack of signage. Their building went from gutted to transformed in a span of three weeks.

The boarded up businesses of San Marco surround the new salon; Bistro Aix, Vino's, Kitchen on San Marco and others, either with space for rent or futures seemingly in question.

"I'm hearing rumors that they're opening and they're closing, they're opening and they're closing, you know the storm took us by surprise," said Hepcats Salon owner Teri Judalena regarding her neighboring businesses.

Signs on Vino's show they will re-open after repairs are finished. That's exactly what was posted on the Kitchen on San Marco Twitter page just one month before the announcement of the closure.

Kitchen on San Marco had been open since 2015. The post on Facebook said they will be helping their employees find new jobs and that they would love to return to the market in the future.

Those with the restaurant did not respond to a request for comment.

"I want these businesses to get back on track so we can have more people walking back and forth everyday," Judalena said.