The jury in the Corrine Brown corruption case asked its third question of the trial just before noon on Thursday morning.

They wanted to see the testimony from Marva Brown Johnson, VP of Bright House Networks. Johnson testified that her company donated tens of thousands of dollars to the bogus charity affiliated with Brown, One Door For Education.

She testified that she didn’t know that the charity was not legit, and would not have donated if she had known.
Judge Timothy Corrigan said that transcripts are not generally provided, but asked attorneys from both sides their thoughts. Brown attorney James Smith said he supported providing the full transcript, which Corrigan said would take about. 1.5 hours to prepare.

“We would ask the court allow the transcript to be prepared,” said Smith.

Prosecutor Tysen Duva opposed the request, saying it set a bad precedent in both this case and in federal court in general. “What if they requested the testimony of Corrine Brown?” he said.

“We would ask ask the court not do that. The answer to your [jury] question is no. Once we do that, we open up an area we should not get into....It has never been done, and once you do it once going to have to do it again for who knows how long going forward.”

The judge considered asking what portion of the testimony in particular they were interested in, but decided that would meddle with their deliberations.

“I’m a little reluctant to say they just can’t have it,” the judge said, before finally concluding, “Here’s what I’m going to do. I have discretion so I have the discretion to kick the can down the road a little bit.”

He asked his assistant to begin preparing the transcript, and wrote a note to jurors. He told them that the court generally does not provide transcripts, and asks jurors to rely ono their notes and memories. But he said he would provide them an complete answer later, and told them to continue their deliberations.

“What I’m really saying is I’m thinking about it. In the event I decide to do it, [the transcript] will be available.”