It's about to be raining shrimp in downtown Jacksonville. In a move everyone knew was coming, the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp are partnering with Safe Harbor Seafood our of Mayport to provide family fun and cocktail sauce to guests sitting in the pavilion.

In a Facebook post whose comments you have to see, the AA minor league team says that throughout the 2017 season, fans will be able to partake in the team's namesake at the newly renamed Safe Harbor Seafood Palm Pavilion.

The team announced it was deviating from the old Suns moniker earlier this Fall season and have begun selling their merchandise and attracting the attention of publications nationwide.

In a mildly related story, the Jumbo Shrimp AAA-affiliate in New Orleans, also changed their name - to the Babycakes. Remember - while Southpaw may be gone, at least we aren't a Babycake.